Crick in The Neck? Top Remedies for Nagging Neck Pain

We’ve all been there. Your alarm buzzes, you roll out of bed, and WHAM you experience the dreaded sensation of pain often referred to as a “crick in the neck.” A crick in the neck can be the result of many different things, but we often associate it with a poor sleeping position. It can make the neck feel stiff and less mobile than usual. In reality, this pain often creeps up due to poor posture, sitting in front of a computer screen for too long, a muscle injury, etc. Although it often resolves in a day or two naturally, sometimes a few additional steps are required to completely ease the discomfort:

  1. Heat or Ice: Alternate temperatures
  2. Exercise of Stretching: roll your shoulders back and forth, up and down.
  3. OTC Medications: Acetaminophen 
  4. Pain-Relieving heat creams
  5. Massage

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