Addressing Mental Health Effectively

1 in 4 Adults in the U.S. Experience Mental Illness*

3 of 4 People Who Enter Psychotherapy Show Benefit*

50% Increase in Behavioral Health Conditions Expected Due to Pandemic’s Impact*

We are now offering mental health services to our patients.

Easy and accessible mental health from experienced mental health professionals.

  • Professional Licensed Clinical Counseling via Tele-video or Telephone Sessions
  • Online, Evident-based Care Plans
  • Education, Exercises and Meditations
  • Flexible Scheduling & Availability

We are here for you. Do you want to talk?

These services are at little or no cost to you with most insurances including Medicaid and Medicare. Ask us how we can improve your overall health and wellbeing. Call us at (919) 751-8444 or request an appointment.

Additional information can be found at Mindhealthy.

Common Challenges MindHealthy Can Help:

Trouble relaxing or calming down. Feeling things are out of control.

Feeling down and sluggish with no energy or interest in day to day activities.

Sleep Issues
Feeling tired all the time, not being able to get to or stay asleep as your mind is always racing.

Eating Disorders
Struggling with confidence, isolation, low self-esteem, and obsessions with weight loss.

Unwanted memories of a trauma, avoidance of situations that bring back memories of the trauma that can bring on panic attacks.

Feeling absent-minded, having difficulty focusing or problems paying attention.

Smoking Cessation/ Substance Use
Feeling like you need help and extra support to achieve and maintain your goals for better overall health and wellness.

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